Bellenstroycompany group is a succeeding player on the market of trenchless network construction with almost each possible way. We build engineering communications by modern methods of microtunneling and horizontal directional drilling (HDD). Being an example of an active and flexible company on the narrow and demanding market of engineering communications, Bellenstroy is always open to partnership and cooperation.

We are experienced specialists in building gravity and pressurized networks, channels for electric power supply and communication cables, heating mains, gas and oil pipelines. We also possess theoretical knowledge and quality equipment to build mountain tunnels, underground railway or highway crossings.

For almost 40 years microtunneling remains the most rational way of building collectors due to high accuracy of penetration and real-time monitoring of the path.

To build underground communications with style, Bellenstroy company group has purchased a number of machines made by leading manufacturers, such as Herrenknecht and Vermeer. Our microtunnelingAVN complexes allow to construct steel and reinforced concrete sheaths (50-250cm Ø) in soils of different types; and for horizontal directional drilling we use Ditch Witch equipment able to build channels from 10cm to 1 meter in diameter.

The advantages of cooperation with us are the next:

1. Time savings

Modern equipment able to penetrate more than 10 meters per working turn.

2. Moneysavings

Microtunnelingismoreeconomicalcomparingtomoretraditionalmethods. It is because there is no need of additional expanses for digging trenches, garbage removal, renovation of exposed roadbed and lawns, planting of greenery, landscaping, and much more. All these costly factors are avoided when using trenchless methods.

3. Professional team

We do our best to hire only well-educated and highly motivated engineers and workers with solid experience in the area of trenchless building of tunnels and other communications. This is done to guarantee perfect quality of our work.

4. Amount of experience

Starting from 2007, our company gathered serious experience in trenchless penetration and became a long-time partner to a number of local building companies. During these years we  built many kilometers of various communications, from gravity collectors (80-100cm Ø) to underground cable channels of two meters diameter or even more. It worth mentioning that we are among very few companies in Russia able to construct protective pipe shields under functioning railways without stopping the train traffic.

5. Ability to work where nobody wants to.

Microtunneling makes it possible to drill successfully even in the hardest circumstances, for example in dense city districts with lots of engineering communications underground.

Taking into account our set of equipment, highly-qualified specialists, and a lot of experience in the area of building engineering communications by trenchless methods, we are the very partner you will be glad to deal with to make all your projects come true with great quality and in short amount of time!