Intense development of the technologies of trenchless communication building during about past ten years widened the boundaries of the tunnel building and gave new possibilities to perform the penetration in dense city environment where it was almost impossible to make such constructions before. Today we see microtunneling the best promising and economically rational technology comparing to traditional variants of pipe laying.

The usage of new technologies and modern equipment established completely new higher standards for building companies, and partially it happened due to the growing popularity of microtunneling.

Microtunneling for constructing protective pipe shields has lots of advantages, for example:

  • High durability of the metal pipe shield, inner cavities of which are filled up with reinforced concrete;
  • High accuracy of pipe laying (not more than 1cm shift per 100 meter tunnel) and the ability to control all parameters of the mining process with the help of constant laser navigation;
  • Ability to lay pipes and cable channels in complex urban terrain without disturbing the ground surface minimizes the expenses for restoring the landscape, greenery, and load bearing capacity of the soils;
  • Minimization of the manual labor (the working process as a whole is controlled from the centralized driver console) due to all-side automation.
  • High speed of the penetration (10-15 meters per day);
  • Ability to perform standard working process in any geologic conditions from weak water-saturated soils to solid rocks;
  • Ability to drill deep underground;
  • Minimal sag of the ground surface above the tunnel;
  • No need to re-lay the existing communications in the zone of the penetration;
  • Close to zero level of noise and vibration;
  • Environment friendly technology.

Microtunneling technology of trenchless communication building is very agile due to its ability to be used in absolutely any kind of soil.

After numerous kilometers of the penetration and great amount of experience, gathered at building objects of high difficulty, Bellenstroy company group worth becoming your reliable and trustful partner and contractor.